Split Stroke In Close-up - New DVD.

An in depth analysis of the George Formby split stroke and how to copy it. Having now retired as the official George Formby Society teacher, after five years in the role, I have tried to put everything I have learnt on the subject of the split stroke into this tuition DVD. I concentrate on examining, in close detail, the arrangement of 'Leaning On A Lamp-post' that I produced for my 'Playing Formby-Style Solos' tuition package below.

Approximate running time 55 minutes. 15 including post and packing.
For ordering details, please see below.

Making Progress On The Ukulele - New DVD.

Intermediate level hints and tips. Including choosing the right key, chord transposing, intros and endings, and more besides. Follows on from my 'Getting Started On The Ukulele' tuition video below.

Approximate running time 60 minutes. 15 including post and packing.
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'Playing Formby-Style Solos' - new close-up DVDs with written instructions on how to crack the George Formby 'Enigma Code'.

DVD cover

The DVDs and accompanying written instruction sheets are a response to people's requests for more detailed and precise information on the subject of playing the banjolele in the George Formby style. I have lost count of the number of ukulele players who have told me that they can play the component parts of the technique ( split-stroke, triple, shake, etc. ) but that they have difficulty knowing what goes where and, more to the point, when! Hopefully this information will go some way to helping to provide some answers to that question.

I have studied the way I attempt to play George Formby's well-known solos and I have written the sheets by using the lyrics as the structure around which everything is based. Obviously, the solo is the point where the singing stops and the uke holds centre-stage but the words are there so the reader knows where he/she is in relation to the music.

Using a simple code (the George Formby Enigma Code perhaps!) I have indicated in the notes exactly where to put the triple, split stroke and finger-lifting. By referring to these written instructions and then watching the DVD to see exactly how the solo is played then, hopefully, all will become clear!

On the DVDs I play each solo through three times. First, slowly with no backing, then slowly with a backing track and then finally at full speed, again with a backing track. The camera is positioned so as to be as close as possible in order to see both the strumming technique and the finger-lifting with the left hand.

The new expanded package includes a booklet containing arrangements for six George Formby solos and DVDs of how to play the solos. The featured solos are for the following songs:

         1. Leaning On A Lamp-post
         2. Our Sergeant Major
         3. Riding In The TT Races
         4. Little Ukulele
         5. Chinese Laundry Blues
         6. Fanlight Fanny

The introductory price of this package is 30 which includes post and packing to UK addresses.

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'Formby In Close-up' - A new DVD.

DVD cover

In September 2006 my friend Gerry Mawdsley was elected President of The George Formby Society. As a result he had to relinquish his role as the official G.F.S. Formby-style teacher. It was an honour when I was asked to take over the post. However, I have had to devote quite a bit of time to analysing exactly how I set about emulating the great man. (Obviously, we all have a slightly different approach!). The results of my endeavours are to be found in this tuition DVD. It is intended to allow people who, for whatever reason, are unable to attend the classes to benefit from the tips and advice that I pass on to those who can attend.

Why 'Formby In Close-up'? There are some short passages of footage in the video which are filmed in close-up detail and which help to illustrate some important aspects of the technique.

The DVD runs for just over an hour and covers all aspects of the George Formby style (split-stroke, triple, shake etc) and more besides. It costs 15 including post and packing to UK addresses. For ordering details, please see below.

'Getting Started On The Ukulele' - A new video.

In response to frequent requests I have now produced a ukulele tuition video suitable for complete beginners. The video lasts for 1 hour and explains the component parts of the ukulele and its origins, how to tune and set-up the instrument, how to form simple chord shapes, the basic strumming technique and how to make a start singing a song. It costs 10 including post and packing to UK addresses. For ordering details, please see below.

'Formby Style In Slow Motion' - Learn to play like George Formby with this video-cassette.

DVD cover

Anyone who has attended the tuition classes at the Blackpool meetings of the George Formby Society can testify as to what a splendid teacher Gerry Mawdsley was when it came to explaining the secrets of George's playing technique. So for those of you who couldn't get to Blackpool before he became President of the society, and thus had to hand over his role as the Formby-style teacher to me, and for anyone else who would like the opportunity to study Gerry's instructions at their leisure this video-cassette will prove invaluable.

The playing duration of the video-cassette is approximately 40 minutes. Gerry has chosen to split the whole style up into manageable sections. Sensibly, he advises that each part is mastered before moving onto the next. All the various strokes and tricks are carefully explained in precise detail and (as the title suggests) demonstrated at slow speed. This takes some doing and Gerry has, in my opinion, made an excellent job of it.

I am pleased to be able to offer this video-cassette for sale on this website at the price of 12 each which includes postage and packaging (to U.K customers). For ordering details, please see below.

Ordering Details

If you would like a copy of any (or all) of these DVDs and/or the video-cassette, then please send me a cheque for the appropriate amount, made payable to Andrew Little Fine Art, to the following address.

Andrew Little Fine Art, 20 Tirley Street, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs ST4 3AW.

If you wish to pay by PayPal or PayPal's Secure Credit Card facility then please contact me by 'phone or e-mail to discuss these payment methods.

(I do respond to orders etc. as quickly as possible but you will appreciate that this website is not the only demand on my time - I do have other commitments. Sometimes there may be a short delay but, on the other hand, you may be lucky and get the response by return! Thank you for your patience if there is a delay.)


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