Two New Backing Track 'Singles'

1. Bless 'Em All

Keys of C and Bb - 2 tracks in total

This is the second version that George Formby released and it incorporates the audience participation "La La's" at the end of each chorus (similar to the same approach often used when performing "Out In The Middle East").

2. Frank On His Tank

There are some interesting alternatives on this CD. There are 9 tracks in total since there are 3 alternative keys ( F, G and A) and 3 alternative tempos (slow, medium and fast) for each key. As a guide I would say that the fast tempo is similar to George's pace (incidentally, he sang it in the key of A), and the slow pace would suit a beginner (or someone who is just getting to grips with performing it).

Each CD costs 6. This includes post and packing to UK addresses.

If you would like either or both of these CD's, please send me a cheque for the total amount made payable to "Andrew Little Fine Art" to the following address:

Andrew Little Fine Art, 20 Tirley Street, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs ST4 3AW

If you wish to pay by PayPal or PayPal's Secure Credit Card facility then please contact me by 'phone or e-mail to discuss these payment methods.