Live chat that I had with Stuart Maconie of Radio 2 whilst I was at the June 2007 George Formby Society meeting in the Winter Gardens, Blackpool.

Not something I would normally find myself doing! However, the Society President, Gerry Mawdsley, asked me if I would do this as part of my role as the Society's new official Formby-style teacher.

If you have a broadband connection, you can listen to a recording of a 12 minute extract from the show, which includes our conversation, by clicking on the left-hand uke below. This is in CD quality.
If you do not have broadband, DO NOT click on that uke because it will take anything from 45 - 75 minutes to download the 11 Mb .mp3 file!

However, you can hear it in FM-radio quality if you click on the right-hand uke below. The file starts to play as soon as you have clicked on the uke (if not, click on the 'play' button of the player) and will only take about 7 minutes to completely download the 1.8 Mb .wma file via a Dial-up connection - so you can listen as it downloads.

Radio 2 chat - Broadband recommended   Click the uke on the left if you have broadband. . . . . .or this one on the right if you haven't.   Radio 2 chat - Dialup connection