Fred Stevenson is well known in George Formby Society circles for his ukulele playing and singing (is there a finer yodeller in England?) and also for his beautifully produced replicas of the Ludwig Wendell Hall ukulele banjo.

After retiring from his occupation of Template Maker, Fred's interest in the ukulele was rekindled when he was invited to attend a local ukulele society meeting. Of all the instruments being demonstrated, Fred was drawn to the distinctive sound of the Ludwig. Subsequently, after careful study of an authentic Wendell Hall, Fred resolved to make brand new instruments that would match (and in some respects better) the original Ludwig design.

The raw materials are carefully chosen in order to optimise the sound quality and longevity of the instrument. Fred is very meticulous in his approach to the construction of his ukuleles because he knows only too well that the final sound is very much a function of everything being "just so". Many good players in the George Formby Society would be happy to testify that the ukes they have purchased from Fred prove that to be the case.

Here's Fred (on the left) with two happy customers.


The price of a Stevenson uke varies depending on the specification required and I can only say, taking into account a.) the time Fred spends on constructing the ukes and b.) the amount of fun I have had from mine!, any agreed price will represent extremely good value for money. It goes without saying that Fred does not want his retirement to be taken over completely by making ukuleles, nonetheless, if you were to place an order and a delivery date was agreed, then it would be honoured.

If you would like more information on these instruments, I am in regular communication with Fred so you can either write to the address on my 'CONTACT ME' page or e.mail me - andrew@andrewlittlefineart.fsnet.co.uk and I will be only too happy to pass on your enquiry.

If you would like to hear a short blast (approximately 10 seconds / 82 KB) of the sound of one of these ukuleles, then please click on this little uke icon.

The Sound of the Stevenson Ukukele The Sound of the Stevenson Ukukele    

To see some more detail shots of Fred's ukes click here.